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Eric & Arnita Jones
Certified Travel Consultants

We are both former government employees who were tired of making excuses why we couldn’t afford to travel. No time to go, not enough money and no industry nowhow were our crutch. Once we became educated through training and networking of how anyone can travel like a Rock Star, we changed our outlook on the possibilities.

Although we had our first taste of European travel when I (Eric) was in the military, we hadn’t traveled abroad in years. Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Antwerp, Brussels, Luxembourg City and the list goes on were adventures of a lifetime in our early years. We were even in Berlin the weekend the “Wall” came down. Security was so tight.

Now some 27 years later, we are getting back to that time in our lives where every weekend was an adventure. Hikes through the vineyards during Oktoberfest was normal for us back then. We have found out that travel can be affordable for the average person, if they have someone to guide them through the mine fields. This is where we come in. We act as guides to get you from one adventure to the next.

Eric Jones, Owner

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